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World Martial Arts Academy

    We are pleased to announce that Sifu Mark Barquera and Wing Chun Transformations have recently joined efforts together with Master Jinheng Li of The World Martial Arts Academy and with the World Martial Arts Supply Company to further our efforts by sharing, spreading, educating and promoting the rich lifestyle, culture of the traditional Chinese fighting art of out Wing Chun system.     
   The training facility is located in the heart of Phoenix AZ and is on a 6 acre site which we are planning to develop and unfold as a world class destination venue dedicated to the martial arts with an emphasis on promoting Chinese Kung Fu art and culture. Currently Sifu Mark and Wing Chun Transformations are sharing the main training hall located in the rear building of the complex which is 2028 N. 16th Street Phoenix, AZ 85006. We are planning to finish the remodeling of 2048 N.16th Street which is located in the front portion of the complex and faces N. 16th street by the end of Sept 2012 and hope to then open that as our new training facility while 2028 N.16th will remain as the training hall for Master Li"s Wu-Shu Classes. We have plenty of space and parking to accommodate many students as well as spectators for our upcoming competitions/demonstrations, meetings and gatherings which will be posted on our calendar of events by the end of this month. We look forward to welcoming new students and visitors from all over the globe at our new and beautiful training center.

About Sifu Mark

     Sifu Mark Barquera has had the great fortune of traveling abroad and has interacted, learned and shared knowledge of martial arts with practitioners from many different systems. 

 For 26 years, Sifsifu-mark-biou Mark lived in San Francisco, California, where he lived only two blocks away from the world famous Golden Gate Park.  Golden Gate Park has always been a sanctuary and home to some of the greatest living Masters and practitioners of Chinese Kung Fu in the world.  He was often seen training and teaching in the Golden Gate Park for many years.  He had a large following of loyal disciples that he taught during his time in California.  Sifu Mark has been fortunate to interact and touch hands with a variety of the parks finest martial art masters during those 26 years.  Sifu Mark also played a very strong and positive role in his inner Sunset district neighborhood by volunteering many hours of his time both during the day and also many late nights patrolling the neighborhood on behalf special neighborhood watch committees, Take The Neighborhood Back Project, which was organized by the community together with the San Francisco Police Sunset District Taraval Station and police Captain Keith Sanders, community leaders Buffy and Patrick McGuire, San Francisco board of supervisor Fiona Ma (now serving in the California State Senate).  

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Grandmaster Chris Chan

The Story and Style of Grandmaster Chris Chan


Grandmaster Chan Kam Shing (Christopher Chan) was born in Hong Kong in the Year of the Dragon. As a teenager, he trained in local recreation center learning basic kung fu exercises. One day in 1955, a friend invited him to witness a kung fu challenge match on a rooftop in Hong Kong. It was there that he saw Wing Chun Kung Fu for the first time. He was so impressed with the effectiveness of the system that he immediately sought to become a student of the late Great Grandmaster Yip Man. chris-wooden-dummy

At Yip Man's Hong Kong School, the young Chan met and trained with Bruce Lee. When Bruce left for America, he kept in touch with Grandmaster Chan. Bruce wrote a letter telling Grandmaster Chan how the American public knew nothing about Chinese martial arts. He also mentioned how easy it was to obtain students and earn a living teaching because of Wing Chun's superiority to the other arts taught in America. He advised Grandmaster Chan to apply for immigration to the United States so that he too could simultaneously attend college and earn a living teaching kung fu.

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Grandmaster Yip Man

yip man picthestudentOur story continues in the late 19th Century in the city of Fut San, Canton Province, Southern China. A famous Wing Chun instructor, Master Chan Wah Shun, was teaching a small, exclusive group of students. In fact, his tuition was so high- few ounces of silver, a tremendous cost at the time-that Wing Chun Kuen had become "the rich man's kung fu."

The Master's school was located in a compound owned by a rich family. A seven-year-old child from this family, Jee Man (later known as Yip Man), watched the classes with a burning desire to learn. The boy kept pestering Chan Wah Shun to learn, but he did not take it seriously. In addition to the tuition, the Master required a level of seriousness from his students that he never expected a young child to have.Yip Man went to his family and begged them for silver to pay Chan Wah Shun to teach him. They finally gave into the pleas after they saw how desperately he wanted to learn Wing Chun. Then theboy approached Chan Wah Shun with several taels of silver (a huge sum of money at that time), and asked the master to take him as a student. Chan Wah Shun, already an old man, had not planned to accept any more students, but he was so impressed with the young boy's passion that he opened his door to Yip Man, the last disciple he would everaccept.

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ICMAC Tournament Las Vegas

Sifu Mark attended the 2009 International Chinese Martial Arts and Kung Fu Tournament in Las Vegas Nevada.

The International Chinese Martial Arts Championship (ICMAC) is an organization dedicated to promoting Chinese martial arts tournaments worldwide.

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